Think Like A Magician

How to create a “making the impossible, possible” FOCUS! 

Brand NEW for September 2016 (it’s only been in refinement for the last 10 years:).


It covers personal development, creativity, keys to character, the importance of reading and on going learning – for all ages!

“Following are examples of the feedback we received from the students in regard to your “Making The Impossible, Possible” presentation:
-Amazing!  Mind Blowing!
-Really cool, personable and entertaining.
-Kept me entertained the whole time—I couldn’t take my eyes off his presentation.  I loved the interaction he did.
-Magic was amazing.  He really “WOW’d” me and made me realize that work environment can be fun!
-Very cool and entertaining.  Great message!
-Wow!  Will have trouble forgetting this!
We hope you enjoyed the experience of sharing with the students and will consider assisting us in future Camp Enterprises.   Thanks again for touching the lives of our youth in such a positive way.”
Lucas Preston, Program Director, Camp Enterprise 2014

Stayed tuned for all the details coming very soon.

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