No Bullies Allowed

“BAND TOGETHER – NO BULLIES ALLOWED  Assembly Program Will Motivate And Inspire Your Students And School To Make A Difference Against Bullying — GUARANTEED!”

If you’re looking to provide your students and staff with a new and different type of “live” program that reinforces the way they think about BULLYING, while building upon your established curriculum, than this Bully Awareness presentation may be just what you are looking for.BAND Logo

Imagine an assembly program so precisely structured that:
– your students leave the program energized, motivated, and armed with strategies to ban bullying from your school,
– you, your staff and parents will be thrilled with how educationally significant the program is,
– and everyone will have a great time in the process!

“Thank you for bringing so much enjoyment to our students while emphasizing an anti-bullying message!

To put it simply – it engaged everyone!   

While each of the  presentations (1-3 and 4-8) were quite different, age appropriate, and very entertaining; they both weaved powerful anti-bullying messages through the fun. 

The magic gave these anti-bullying messages added emphasis and provided a different look on the extremely serious topic of bullying. 

The students really enjoyed the presentations and the staff gave excellent reviews. 

I highly recommend this presentation.”

Danny Donato, Principal
St. John the Baptist Catholic Elementary School, Hamilton, Ontario


If you’d like to motivate your students (regardless of their age) and truly give them the strategies to build a safer school, all while making this proven program easy on your school’s budget, then…

“Let me share with you my real life story.”

Like you, I understand that bullying and inclusion are problems facing our children. I’ve been searching for a solution to the problem for years, because I know the pain that bullying brings to our students.

It all started in late elementary school. I was the good kid. The one everyone looked up to and adults praised. I was constantly winning awards. And becoming very popular with my new found hobby of “magic”.


Apparently, other kids didn’t think it was so cool to succeed, and I had bullying hit me from every direction imaginable.

You name it; I had it happen to me. Punching, teasing, (even tossed in a garbage can) and other physical and verbal abuse stories that I’ll save for another time.

It was horrible, never ending. It got so bad that I was forced to switch schools.  But switching schools didn’t help the problem; it only patched it up – temporarily.

Eventually, I was able to overcome this and move on after several years, with the help of some great parents, close friends, teachers, and counselors.

The memories still remain, but I’m one of the lucky ones. I made it. Unfortunately many kids don’t always turn out like I did. They go on to have lower test scores, depression, absenteeism, dependency problems and ultimately drag around an anchor of self-doubt that sinks their future potential.

bully7 bullying
Did you know that Bullies identified by age 8 are SIX times
more likely to have a criminal conviction by age 24!

When I heard that fact I just… well, I just couldn’t believe it. A problem such as bullying, so often swept under the rug with excuses like “it’s a normal part of growing up”, is so dangerous, that if we don’t do our part to work on it, terrible consequences can result.

“That’s what caused me to develop BAND Together
AND what makes this program so exciting and effective!”

This “magical” program blends my stories of being bullied in a way that kids can relate to, and gets them to really feel how Bullying affects them — and more importantly WHAT THEY CAN DO ABOUT IT!

After my bullying experiences, I went on to become a professional speaker, entertainer and presenter. (Please check me out at


I was able to overcome the low self-esteem and self-doubt that bullying had marred me with. I was free to let my potential shine through and pursue my passion for motivating and inspiring others that was temporarily crushed when I was bullied.

As a result, there are very few who are as uniquely qualified as myself, to impart this important message to today’s kids. I know where they’re at. I know the pains they are experiencing.  More importantly,

“I can show them how to overcome the problem, because I lived it firsthand
just like many of your students do right now.”

“The following are some comments that our teachers had about the presentation:

–  awesome
–  very age appropriate
–  excellent
–  interactive – kids engaged
– “message through magic”, therefore kids could relate to it
–  magic show kept interest and attention
–  liked how Rick shared his own personal experience about being bullied
–  effective slogans and sayings to help kids remember (BAND)
–  amazing

Thanks for a great presentation.
I have mentioned your presentation to a number of my principal friends.”

Judy Santi-DeRubeis, Principal,
St. Augustine Catholic School, Dundas, Ontario


By now, I’m sure you’re wondering what I actually do in the program to make it such a hit?

As you know, the hallmark of a truly successful assembly combines student involvement, realistically significant material, and is done in a way that is fun, exciting and memorable.

Well I’ve blended my most powerful and touching stories, with practical strategies that really work when dealing with bullies, and some powerful magical entertainment to make learning fun and exciting!.
The end result is a creative approach to really reinforce the message and have it “stick” with students.

“The message of this show is contained in the word “BAND”

B   Be a buddy, not a bully.
A   Attitude, avoid, ask for help.
N   Nobody deserves to be bullied.
D   Don’t join in, help instead.

Then using magic, audience participation, storytelling and comedy, these points are
brought to life and taught to students in a fun, entertaining way!


“7 Specific Messages/Strategies Your Students
Will Walk Away With After Experiencing
BAND Together: No Bullies Allowed!”
(there are actually many more)

  1. How name calling, teasing and excluding others hurts people’s feelings, and is actually bullying!
  2. Having the right attitude will Influence if a bully bothers you or not!
  3. Real World Strategies to avoid being bullied!
  4. It’s ok to ask for help! You are not alone! You are allowed to ask for help!  (You are not a Tattletale!)
  5. Everyone may look different on the outside. But on the inside, we’re all the same, we’re all special!
  6. If Someone is Being Bullied, there is something YOU can do to help out!

And by the end of the program all the students and staff will have had so much fun learning, that they’ll be sad to see it come to an end.

 bullyshowS2play copy

“Best of all, it works – and it’s very affordable!”

And I offer different programs for different grade levels!
Primary – Junior – Intermediate.

“Plus, you’ll be protected by my 100%
“Tear Up Your Check” Money Back Guarantee…”


“Bring my BAND Together program to your school. Hear your students and staff immensely, enjoy the program. If you aren’t convinced that this was one of the best bullying assembly you’ve ever had, if your students weren’t motivated, if your staff wasn’t thrilled with how educational our program was (and how easily we maintained your students attention while keeping control), then I’ll tear up your check on the spot and be on my way.”


Very few assembly presenters offer a guarantee this strong. For me it is common sense.  I’ve been doing this for over 30 years; I know you’ll never need to use it, but doesn’t it feel good to be protected?

“So what’s the next step?”

It’s easy just call my office at 905-635-7660 or email me at I’ll answer any questions or concerns you have, and we can confirm your program if you would like to.  No pressure.   But – please – if you are interested don’t waste time. There really are only a limited number of dates available so call me now to find out more.

I look forward to talking with you, and to helping YOU energize and motivate your students this year

“April 10th marked Peel’s International Day of Pink.  Day of Pink serves to help raise the awareness to prevent bullying, discrimination and homophobic bullying in our community.  Centennial supported this amazing cause to celebrate diversity by inviting Mr. Rossini to help Centennial students say no to bullying.

Centennial Senior Public School and I would like to thank you for helping make our Day of Pink a magical success!  We had a gymnasium filled with very excited middle school students who were thrilled with your performance.  Many favourable comments were received immediately after the presentation and many more days thereafter.  The buzz through the school was “great job finding this Mrs. Slomek, how can you top this next year?”

I was very impressed with the professionalism of your presentation and your ability to entertain the young and young at heart.  You have developed an interactive program for the students which highlight the importance of your “B.A.N.D. TOGETHER” message against bullying.  The presentation from start to finish was fun and engaging with your demeanour and magic – the students loved it!”

Thank you again for making our Day of Pink a huge success and for sharing the magic.  Looking forward to working with you again.”

Mrs. J. Slomek, Grade 8 Teacher / Day of Pink Organizer,
Centennial Senior Public School, Brampton, Ontario



“We were very fortunate to have Rick Rossini and his presentation “Band Together: No Bullies Allowed” at our school recently. The entertaining and meaningful presentations for our Kindergarten to Grade 4 and Grade 5-8 classes were thoroughly enjoyed by both staff and students. Rick’s new and entertaining approach to this age old problem had students hooked and engaged from the moment they sat down.

Rick’s personal stories addressed the problems and realities that many of our students experience. Students were able to directly relate to these stories and situations. The solutions offered were practical, clear, and effective. The added element of “magic” and illusion ensured that the students were attentive to the anti-bullying message delivered throughout the presentation.

Rick’s management of the students was impressive. His message was clear and well-received amongst our students. Band Together: No Bullies Allowed would be a terrific way for any school to address the topic of bullying or bullying prevention. We are happy that we had the opportunity to welcome and host Rick Rossini and his worthwhile presentation at our school.”

Kim Kinney, Principal,
Holy Rosary Catholic Elementary School, Milton, Ontario



“Thank you, Rick for providing an engaging and magical way to work your positive message to stamp out bullying in our communities.

Your acronym of B (Be a buddy not a bully) A (Attitude, avoid and ask for help) N (Nobody deserves to be bullied) and D (Don’t join in, help instead) is a message that students and staff can relate and refer too when in situations where there is an imbalance of power.

Students and staff feedback about the show was very positive. Thank you for providing your own personal story to make it even more real for students and providing an engaging presentation through your magic tricks.”

Gabriella Facchini, Principal,
St. Patrick Catholic School, Guelph, Ontario


“The reviews are spectacular!  Staff were impressed and the students were mesmerized.  It was a fantastic message and a huge hit for us!

We will see you again!!!!”

Mr. T. Agro, Principal,
St. Marguerite d’Youville Catholic School, Oakville, Ontario